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Creating a Class Property

Last Modified: February 27, 2020

Create a class property that the Class Property node can access.

  1. Open the Class document (.gtype) of the class you want to create a property for.
  2. Click Add member»Class property.
  3. Select the new property in the Member List and click Add member»Blank. This creates an accessor method that defines the read or write functionality of the property.
  4. Name the accessor method, populate the code you want the property to execute, and save the method.
  5. Ensure the connector pane of your accessor method is well-formed. A well-formed property accessor connector pane includes the following terminals:
    • A class object input in the upper left terminal
    • A class object output in the upper right terminal
    • An error input in the lower left terminal
    • An error output in the lower right terminal
    • A data input or output
    Use the following image as an example.
  6. Return to the Class document and specify the access scope of the new accessor method.
  7. Save the Class document.

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