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Verifying Your Hardware Appears in the Live View

Last Modified: September 4, 2019

Use the Live view of SystemDesigner to see all hardware available for use in your application.

Depending on your device and connection type, most devices automatically appear on the Live view after you plug them into your local machine.
  1. If you have not done so already, plug your devices into your local machine.
  2. Navigate to the Live view of SystemDesigner.
  3. Verify your hardware devices are visible on the Live diagram.

    Even if you do not have access to physical hardware, you should see your local machine on the Live diagram. SystemDesigner automatically labels your local machine This Computer to help you determine the difference between the computer running LabVIEW NXG—that is, This Computer—and any other PC target you create on the Design view.

If a device in your system does not automatically appear in the Live view, you can manually add the device to the Live diagram.

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