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Validating Your Hardware with Measurement Panels

Last Modified: September 4, 2019

Launch a measurement panel from SystemDesigner to validate your hardware, specify measurement inputs and outputs, and configure tasks.


It is helpful to think of measurement panels as the same as test panels and tasks in NI MAX or interactive soft front panels available in driver software.

Before you launch a measurement panel from SystemDesigner, you must complete the following tasks:
  1. Navigate to Live view of SystemDesigner.

    If a device match exists on the Design view, you can also launch a measurement panel for the matched device from the Design view.

  2. Locate the device you want to validate and configure to acquire measurement data.
  3. Click the device on the diagram.
  4. On the Item tab, expand Use hardware section.
  5. Click Create measurement panel to launch a measurement panel.

After you validate and configure your hardware with measurement panels, you can acquire and analyze your measurement data.

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