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Scale Delta t (G Dataflow)

Last Modified: August 21, 2019

Multiplies the delta t component of the waveform by the specified scale factor, which lengthens or shortens the sample rate of the waveform.


waveform in

Waveform to use to scale the delta t.

This input accepts a waveform or a digital waveform.


scale factor

Number by which this node multiplies the delta t of the waveform. A value greater than zero but less than one shortens the sample rate. A value greater than one increases the sample rate.

Default: 1000


waveform out

Resulting waveform with the new delta t value.

This output is a digital waveform when you wire a digital waveform to waveform in.

Where This Node Can Run:

Desktop OS: Windows

FPGA: Not supported

Web Server: Supported in VIs that run in a web application

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