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Adding a .NET Assembly Outside the GAC to a Project

    Last Modified: November 20, 2020

    Add a .NET assembly outside of the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) to your LabVIEW NXG project.

    Create a .NET interface document (DNI) within your project.
    1. Add the desired .NET assembly to your DNI by opening your DNI document and clicking Select Assembly. Within the Select Assembly dialog, select Import and navigate to the .DLL assembly you wish to add to the project. Click OK to import the selected assembly.
    2. After LabVIEW NXG recognizes your assembly and locates all dependencies within the selected directory, a Copy Existing File(s)? dialog prompts you to copy the files to your project. Select Copy to proceed.
    3. Select Project in the left pane of the Select Assembly dialog. The imported assembly appears there.
    4. Select the assembly and click OK. The selected assembly appears within your DNI document.
    Configure the imported assembly for use in your project.

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