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Adding Code Snippets to a Custom Palette

Last Modified: November 20, 2020

Add items to a palette file (.gpal) that include chunks of code from your diagram.

Before you begin, complete the following prerequisite tasks:
  1. Create a VI within your project.
  2. Create a library.
  3. Add the VI to the library.
  4. On the Document tab of a Library document, click Create palette file.
  5. Select G diagram palette from the palette type drop-down menu.
  6. Open your palette file (.gpal). Select your VI.
  7. In the Item tab, under Behavior, select Place diagram contents. The block of diagram code from the VI will appear on the diagram in projects that include your custom .gpal.

    You cannot include a VI in an application if any of the exported VIs in the library are broken. If a VI in your library containing a snippet is broken, disable the VI's Export box before building the package.

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