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Creating a Multi-Mode Element

Last Modified: November 20, 2020

Create a Multi-Mode Element to manually determine how a node should behave on your diagram.

  1. In an open project, select File»Preferences and click Preview features.
  2. Check the Enable Multi-Mode Elements and overload groups and click OK.
  3. Click Yes to restart LabVIEW NXG.
  4. When LabVIEW NXG launches, open your project.
  5. To create a Multi-Mode Element, select File»New»Multi-Mode Element. A Multi-Mode Element document (.gmme) opens in your project.
  6. Create categories within the document by clicking the New Category button. If you need to remove a category, select that category, and click Delete.
  7. From the palette, select Project Items»Software and select the VI you want to add to a category.

    To add multiple VIs to a category, press and hold Ctrl as you select the VIs from the Software palette.

    Furthermore, if the Project Items palette doesn't appear, you need to add VIs to your project.

  8. Enter names for the categories and modes in the Configuration pane.
  9. Open a new VI and place one of the VIs you added to your Multi-Mode Element document on the diagram. A drop-down appears and allows you to select which category and node to use from the Multi-Mode Element.

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