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Viewing the Hierarchy of VIs in Your Application

Last Modified: September 20, 2019

Open the Call Hierarchy document to see the hierarchy of VIs and subVIs and understand the calling relationships between them in your application.

For example, you can use the Call Hierarchy document to see all of the VIs that call a specific VI and the subVIs that specific VI calls. This can be helpful when you need to debug a part of your application and want to see which subVIs are connected to each other.

  1. Click View»Call Hierarchy to open a Call Hierarchy document for your project.

    Some callers may be hidden. Toggle the triangle icon below a node to show or hide callers.

  2. (Optional) Click Clean up diagram to change the visual arrangement of the hierarchy.
  3. (Optional) Select a subVI to highlight its calling connections.
  4. (Optional) Double-click a subVI displayed in the Call Hierarchy document to open it.

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