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Network Stream Endpoint URL Specifications

Last Modified: September 9, 2019

Users must specify the URL for each endpoint in order for the endpoints to connect. When two endpoints connect, they create a network stream.

The Network Stream Endpoint URL has the following syntax:

URL Component Description
ni.dex The protocol of the URL. The dex protocol identifies the URL as an endpoint URL.
host_name The DNS name or IP address of the computer where the endpoint resides. The default value for this component is localhost, which routes to the network location of the computer where the endpoint resides.
context_name A string value that refers to the application where the endpoint resides. This component is an empty string unless you specify a URL that includes a context name with the writer name or the reader name inputs.

Only one application on each computer can specify the default context. If you have multiple applications on a single computer using network streams, you must assign a URL instead of a name to each endpoint.

endpoint_name The name that you assign to the endpoint with the writer name or the reader name inputs of the Create Network Stream Reader Endpoint and Create Network Stream Writer Endpoint nodes.

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