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Decorations and Data Placeholders (G Dataflow)

Last Modified: November 6, 2020

Decorate the user interface and represent a reference to panel items, VIs, and the programming environment.

What Is the Difference between a Picture Display and an Image?

Picture displays and image decorations display graphics on a panel.

The image object is a decoration and not a control. It does not have a data terminal and does not represent a value on the diagram. Image object help users understand the panel or window. For example, they can display a diagram of components in a test environment.

Use the Set image button on the Item tab to specify the image to display. Create a control reference for the image object and the Set Image node to display different images at run time.

Use a picture display to display an image from a list of graphic files on a panel. Before displaying these files, you must place them in an application or library component in your project. Once you add the selected files to the picture display, you can switch between them at run time. For example, you can use a picture display to set a list of pictures to indicate system states, such as online, offline, and busy states, and configure your application to display the system state at run time.

Set the pictures to use in the Pictures section on the Item tab. Use the index value of the file to manage the picture to display at run time.

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