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Cluster Controls (G Dataflow)

Last Modified: August 7, 2018

Group data elements of a mixed type that logically belong together.

What Is a Cluster?

Clusters group data elements of mixed types. A cluster is similar to a record or a struct in text-based programming languages.

Which Cluster Should I Use?

You can choose from the following cluster types, and clusters can be nested:

Use Type
Groups a checkbox, numeric control, and string control together to input error information. Error In
Groups a checkbox, numeric indicator, and string control together to display error information. Error Out
Groups a timestamp, numeric array, and numeric control together to display waveform data. Waveform
Create a custom group by dragging and dropping controls, such as buttons, graphs, arrays, and so on, into the cluster shell. Empty Cluster

How Do I Reorder Cluster Elements?

You can reorder cluster elements by using the Data items section on the Item tab or by moving controls inside or outside the cluster. The order of the controls within the cluster is determined by the order in which you add them to the cluster.

How Do I Tab Through Cluster Elements?

Press Ctrl-Down Arrow or Ctrl-Up Arrow to tab through cluster elements, even nested clusters.

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