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Last Modified: November 19, 2020

Builds the specified library into a binary.

To build a library from the CLI, use the following syntax:

labviewnxg.cli build-library -p <relative or absolute location of the project> -n <name of the library> -t <SystemDesigner target containing the library>

For example:

labviewnxg.cli build-library -p "C:\LabVIEW Projects\Project.lvproject" -n "Library.gcomp" -t "PXI Controller"

To use the build-library operation, the build machine must have the Application Builder and LabVIEW NXG Features for TestStand licenses.

The following table lists the available arguments for this operation.
Argument Required Description Example
  • -p
  • --path=VALUE
Yes Specifies the relative or absolute path of the project containing the library to build.
  • -p "C:\LabVIEW Projects\Project.lvproject"
  • --path="C:\LabVIEW Projects\Project.lvproject"
  • -n
  • --name=VALUE
Yes Specifies the name of the library to build.
  • -n "Library.gcomp"
  • --name="Library.gcomp"
  • -t
  • --target=VALUE
This argument is required if the project contains SystemDesigner targets. Specifies the SystemDesigner target that contains the library to build.

You can view supported targets by opening the library in the editor and clicking the Select target drop down.

  • -t "This Computer"
  • --target="This Computer"
  • -s
  • --save
No Saves the library and project file after building.

Use this argument when you select Auto-increment version on build in the library.

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