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LabVIEW NXG 5.0 New Features

Last Modified: April 1, 2020

Refer to the list below to learn what's new in LabVIEW NXG 5.0.

Programming Environment

Code Deployment and Distribution

  • Create a Plugin-Based Test Application—Create an extensible application so you can load components, such as plugins, at runtime.
  • Create a Plugin—When creating a library component, you can designate it as a plugin.
  • Specify binary loading locations—When creating an executable that requires binary files located outside the application directory, you can specify these additional loading locations.
  • Replace or update a G loadable library (.gll)—Make changes to a G loadable library in a deployed application without having to replace or update the entire install.
  • Add code snippets to a custom palette (.gpal)—Create and add code snippets to your project to quickly reuse code.

Desktop UI Controls

  • Define pictures that you can switch between at run time—Use the picture display to create a list of pictures that you can choose from to display on the user interface. For example, you set a list of pictures that indicate system states, such as online, offline, and busy states, and configure your application to display the system state at run time.
  • Programmatically modify string controls—Use the String nodes to modify behavior of string controls at run time.
  • Programmatically set and modify image decorations—Use the Image nodes to modify behavior of image decorations at run time.
  • Identify whether a control reference is general or strictly typed—When you create a control reference that does not include value data, a statement appears in the Behavior section on the Item tab indicating that the control reference is general.
  • New classes and properties—Use properties to modify controls at run time, such as to change the colors of a numeric, string, tank, or slider control. Refer to new classes and properties in the Class Reference section for more information.
  • Disable scale mapping—Prevent users from changing the scale mapping mode at run-time by checking the Disable scale mapping checkbox or programmatically disable scale mapping using the DisableMappingChanges property.
  • New CLI command—Use the command optimize-project to load, compile, and save your project files and VIs during the build process.

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