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Annotating the Design View

Last Modified: September 4, 2019

Use comments and lines from the Annotations palette to explain design decisions and document your system.

When you select a comment on the Design diagram, you can customize it on the Item tab in the following ways.

Item Tab Action Additional Information
Add a comment label, sub-label and inline notes. You can type the text a comment displays on the Item tab.
Adjust the visual style of the comment. You can visually group a set of annotations by styling them the same way. Edit the comment fill color, as well as border color, style and thickness, on the Item tab.
Set an image to display inside the comment. Images appear at the bottom of a comment on the Design diagram. The image scales proportionately with the size of the comment. If you enable Fixed image padding, you may need to resize the comment in order to avoid image cropping.
Provide additional information about the comment in the Description field. Text you enter in the Description field appears in the context help for the comment.
Enter a URL or path in the More help link field to provide additional information. The more help link appears in the context help for the comment.

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