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Debugging Shared Library Interfaces

Last Modified: September 26, 2017

Find solutions to common problems that may occur when configuring and using Shared Library Interfaces (SLIs).


Most errors occur due to mismatches between the SLI configuration and the functions in the shared library. These kinds of crashes might not occur at the time the shared library call actually executes on the diagram. Refer to Shared Library Best Practices for tips on how to avoid errors in the code of the shared library.

Use the following table to resolve an error.
Issue Solution
You receive a Function not found in library error.
  • Verify the SLI uses the correct spelling and case sensitivity for the entrypoints you defined.
  • Verify the C++ compiler has not decorated the function name. For details on this issue, refer to Shared Library Best Practices.
You receive an error message that a secondary shared library cannot be found. The primary shared library needs additional functions from one or more other shared libraries. Find the other shared libraries and place them in the same directory as the shared library that needs them or in a directory that is in the search path.
VI crashes or behaves incorrectly.
  • Verify the return data types and parameter settings of your entrypoints exactly match the data types the function in the shared library uses.
  • Verify the SLI is passing arguments in the correct order.
LabVIEW hangs and requires you to restart. In the Item tab, verify your SLI is configured to Run in any thread.

This solution applies only to DLLs built from LabVIEW.

To prevent errors in your external code when using SLIs, refer to Shared Library Best Practices. To prevent errors in your LabVIEW code when using SLIs, refer to Shared Library Interface Best Practices.

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