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Dataflow between Duplicates of the Same Terminal

Last Modified: January 11, 2018

You can use a duplicated output terminal to write to an indicator at multiple places on the diagram. You can also use a duplicated input terminal to read from a control at multiple places on the diagram.


Terminals are duplicates of one another if they have the exact same label. You can duplicate a terminal by right-clicking the terminal and selecting Create Duplicate Terminal. Copying and pasting a terminal does not create a duplicated terminal.

Duplicated terminals serve the same purpose as local variables in other programming languages.


Duplicated terminals, when used as local variables, are lossy, and data loss can occur when you read from or write to a local variable from multiple locations in your code. If you access a local variable multiple times, verify that your code behaves as you expect.

In the following example, the String indicator displays a different message depending on which While Loop is executing. This example also uses a duplicate of the Run button to control the execution of both While Loops.

Figure 1. Panel
Figure 2. Diagram

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