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Linking WebVIs in a Web Application

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

Before you begin, open or create a web application project with multiple top-level WebVIs. Each WebVI that you mark as top-level outputs as a separate web page.
  1. On the Project Files tab, double-click the web application document to open it.
  2. In the web application document, select the top-level WebVI you want to link to. On the Item tab, copy the Relative URL.
  3. Open the top-level WebVI you want to link from.
  4. Switch to the panel and add a Hyperlink Control.
  5. Select the Hyperlink Control. On the Item tab, in the URL field, paste the relative URL of the WebVI that you want to link to.

    You may need to modify the relative URL depending on how your files are organized. Consider the following file structure.

    |   |
    |   |———Three.gviweb
    Link from Link to Relative URL
    One.gviweb Two.gviweb Two.html
    One.gviweb Three.gviweb Namespace_A/Three.html
    Three.gviweb One.gviweb ../One.html
    Three.gviweb Four.gviweb ../Namespace_B/Four.html
    Five.gviweb One.gviweb ../../One.html
    Five.gviweb Three.gviweb ../../Namespace_A/Three.html
  6. Build your application and open the HTML output in a web browser to test the link you created.
Search within the programming environment to access the following installed example:

Multiple Top-Level WebVIs

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