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Debugging JavaScript Library Interfaces

Last Modified: November 16, 2020

Solve common problems that may occur when configuring and using JavaScript Library Interfaces (JSLIs).


Most errors occur due to mismatches between the JSLI configuration and the functions in the JavaScript library. Mismatch errors may not occur at the exact time the JavaScript function call executes on the diagram.

Use the following table to resolve common errors.
Issue Solution
You receive a Function not found error.

Verify the JSLI uses the correct spelling and case sensitivity for the entry points you defined.

The JSLI node does not appear in the software palette on the diagram.
Check both of the following items.
  • On the Project Files tab, the JSLI document is in a web application document.
  • On the Project Files tab, double-click the web application document. Ensure the Select target drop-down box is set to Web Server.
The changes you make to the HTML source panel do not take affect.

Verify your HTML is valid.

You do not get the results you expected from your entry point.

Verify that the parameters are in the correct order in the JSLI document.

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