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LabVIEW NXG 5.1 Web Module Manual

Last Modified: November 20, 2020

Use the LabVIEW NXG Web Module to create browser-based user interfaces to visualize data from distributed systems. This manual contains step-by-step instructions for working with WebVIs and creating web applications.

  • Developing—Create a web application, design responsive UIs and controls, and debug, build, and package your WebVIs.
  • Communicating Data—Access WebVI resource files, web service data, and use web services like SystemLink Tag and Message in your web application.
  • Using JavaScript—Add JavaScript functions to your web application using a JavaScript Library Interface (JSLI) document and create custom UI elements.
  • Hosting—Learn about your hosting options during development and how to host your web application to share with users.
  • Using Hardware—Determine how to integrate your web application into your hardware system to share measurement data and interact with your hardware.
  • Sharing Code—Build a library and add custom palettes to share code and create add-ons.

To access examples, on the Learning tab, click Examples»Programming WebVIs.

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