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Building a Web Application

Last Modified: October 2, 2018

To view your completed web application in a web browser, build your application to generate HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other files that are included in your application.

Before you begin, open or create a web application project.
  1. On the Project Files tab, double-click the application document to open it.
  2. In the application document, enable the Top-level VI checkbox for each WebVI you want to output as a separate web page. Each top-level WebVI in an application document generates one HTML file, which corresponds to one web page.
  3. On the Document tab, click Build. Monitor the status of your build in the Build Queue tab.
  4. In SystemDesigner, right-click your application document and select Run to view your application in a web browser.

To make your web application available to other users, host your build output on a web server that is accessible to other users.

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