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Connecting to a Real-Time Controller

Last Modified: April 9, 2020

You must establish a network connection from the host PC to a real-time controller in the Live view of SystemDesigner before you can run code on the controller. Some devices appear on the Live view automatically. If your device does not appear on the Live view, complete the following steps to add a device.

  1. Open SystemDesigner and switch to the Live view.
  2. On the document toolbar, click Add hardware to open the Add Hardware dialog box.
  3. Locate your device in one of the following tabs.
    • Discovered hardware—shows the devices that SystemDesigner detects on the same local subnet as the host PC. Click Add to display the device on the Live view.
    • Add hardware by address—enter the IP address or hostname of the device to which you want to connect and click Connect.
    You can find the IP address of a real-time controller using either of the following methods:
    • Connect a monitor to the real-time controller and watch the system boot. The IP address appears in the console display at the end of the system boot.
    • Connect a monitor and keyboard to the real-time controller, enter your log in credentials into the console display, and then enter ifconfig. The IP address displays with other network configuration information.

    Most controllers have multiple IP addresses. Make sure to identify the network port the controller uses to connect to the host.

  4. If the device requires login credentials, enter them when you are prompted. By default, the real-time system has the username admin and a blank password.

After you establish a connection to the real-time controller, it is available in the Live Hardware palette category in the Design view.

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