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PDM Acquisition VIs

Last Modified: March 31, 2021

Use the PDM Acquisition VIs to acquire pulse-density modulation (PDM) signals and convert the PDM signals into pulse-code modulation (PCM) signals.

Generation VIs

Use the Generation VIs to generate pulse-density modulation (PDM) signals.

Task Control VIs

Use the Task Control VIs to commit PDM input and output tasks.

Utility VIs

Use the Utility VIs to perform various tasks on pulse-density modulation (PDM) signals.

Create Task VI

Creates an instance of the input or output task. The instance reserves the interface to the FPGA associated with the specified hardware resource.

Configure PDM Trigger

Sets the trigger for the task. The trigger initiates the acquisition or generation process for the set of channels specified in the task.

Check Generation Status

Checks the status of the generation task.

Configure Timing

Configures timing parameters for the input or output task.

Configure Microphone Sensitivity

Sets the microphone sensitivity, in FS/Pa or dBFS referenced to 1 Pa RMS.

Start Task

Transitions the task to a running state.

Read PDM and PCM Waveform

Reads data from the channels in the task.


Reads data from the channels in the GPIO read task.

Write GPIO

Writes data to the channels in the GPIO write task.

Stop Task VI

Stops and returns the task to the state the task was in before the Start PDM Task VI or Start PDM Output Task VI ran.

Clear Task

Clears the input or output task. Before clearing, this VI aborts the task, if necessary, and releases any resources the task reserved.

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