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Read Handshake (Clock-Driven Logic)

Last Modified: February 27, 2020

Reads one element of data from a handshake item and automatically removes the data to prepare for the next transfer.

If ready for output is False during a given clock cycle, output valid returns False during that clock cycle.


reference in

Reference to a handshake item. You can wire a handshake control, handshake constant, or the reference out terminal of another Handshake node to reference in.


ready for output

A Boolean that determines whether downstream nodes are ready for this node to return a new value. The default is True. Use a Feedback Node to wire the ready for input output of a downstream node to this input.

True Downstream nodes are ready for this node to return a new value.
False Downstream nodes are not ready for this node to return a new value.

reference out

The same handshake reference wired into this node.



The data retrieved from the handshake item. The data type of data is the data type you wire to the Create Handshake node that creates the handshake item.


output valid

Boolean value that indicates whether this node computes a result that downstream nodes can use.

Wire this output to the input valid input of a downstream node to transfer data from the node to the downstream node.

True Downstream nodes can use the result this node computes.
False This node returns an undefined value that downstream nodes cannot use.

This node may return different undefined values when executed in simulation mode versus when executed on hardware.

Where This Node Can Run:

Desktop OS: none

FPGA: All devices

Web Server: Not supported in VIs that run in a web application

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