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Managing Visible Device Ports

Last Modified: September 4, 2019

Show or hide device ports of PCs and remote controllers in the Design view to organize the system you create.

  1. In the Ports section of the device you want to organize, right-click a port and select Manage Ports to open the Manage Ports dialog and view the device ports you can display.
  2. Select each device port you want to display.

    Consider the following behaviors when choosing device ports to display:

    • Connecting a visible port to a hidden port on a separate device causes the hidden port to become visible.

      To connect to a hidden port on a device, wire a visible port terminal to the terminal next to the Manage Ports button on the device.

    • Hiding a wired port causes the existing wire to break. You cannot hide wired ports on the Live diagram.
    • Displaying a port may rearrange the display order of the device ports, depending on the alphabetical order of the port names.
    • Saving a project only preserves visible port designations on the Design diagram.
    After you close the Manage Ports dialog, SystemDesigner updates the device port display on the diagram.
  3. To hide a device port, right-click the port and select Hide Port or deselect the port in the Manage Ports pop-up.

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