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Applying the Hardware Configuration

Last Modified: September 4, 2019

Apply the hardware configuration to your system using the NI Hardware Configuration Importer.

Complete the following tasks to resolve mapping errors and apply the hardware configuration to your system.
  1. Navigate to and launch the NI Hardware Configuration file (.nihwcfg) or package installer (.exe) to automatically map discovered hardware to the configuration.
  2. Review the Hardware Configuration dialog to confirm that the hardware in your environment correctly maps to the configuration.


If you included the hardware configuration in a package installer, the Hardware Configuration dialog only launches if there is a mapping error. If the configuration successfully maps to discovered hardware, the Results dialog launches.

  1. Resolve mapping errors in the configuration by manually adding or updating hardware, omitting items from the configuration, and installing missing drivers.


You cannot apply the hardware configuration to your system until you omit or map hardware to all configuration items.

  1. Click Apply to apply the hardware configuration to your system.
  2. Review the Results dialog for pass/fail information. You can save the report by checking Save report on close.

All MAX items in your hardware configuration will automatically map to hardware. If the Importer cannot map hardware to MAX items, the import will fail.

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