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    Last Modified: April 15, 2020

    Improves the load time and performance of your projects by loading, compiling, and saving project files during the build process.

    Similar to mass compiling in LabVIEW, the optimize-project command:
    • Verifies the existence of subVIs and links them to the main VI.
    • Updates files to the current LabVIEW NXG version.
    • Reports corrupt files which can prevent your project from loading correctly.
    To optimize an example or tutorial from the CLI, use the following syntax:
    labviewnxgcli.exe optimize-project -p <relative or absolute location of the project> -t <time in seconds> -s <name of target to exclude>
    For example:
    labviewnxgcli.exe optimize-project -p "C:\LabVIEW Projects\Project.lvproject" -t 60 -s "This Computer"
    Argument Required Description Example
    • -p
    • --path=VALUE
    Yes Specifies the relative or absolute path of the project to optimize.

    You can reference multiple paths in a comma-separated list.

    • -p "C:\LabVIEW Projects\Project.lvproject"
    • --path=".\Add\Add.lvproject, .\Subtract\Subtract.lvproject"
    • -s
    • --skipTargets=VALUE
    No Specifies which targets to exclude in the optimization process.
    • -s "This Computer"
    • --skipTarget="This Computer"
    • -t
    • --timeout=VALUE
    No Specifies the amount of time in seconds before the operation exits.
    • -t 10
    • --timeout=10

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