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Design View: A Canvas for Designing and Documenting a Hardware System

Last Modified: September 4, 2019

The Design view enables you to create and annotate the hardware system your project requires.

SystemDesigner does not automatically populate your live hardware system in the Design view. Instead, the Design view is a blank diagram, or canvas. The Design diagram is where you add devices and connect them to configure your hardware system.

The Design view palette contains supported devices from the NI product line and your live hardware. You use these devices to design your system.

If your system requires third-party devices, you must install the required drivers to find the devices in Design view palette. After you install the drivers, restart LabVIEW NXG.

A device on the Design diagram contains several configurable features.

  1. Label—Name of the device product family.
  2. Sub-label—Additional information about the device, such as the device name, hostname, model, or product family.
  3. Ports—Connections between devices in your system.
  4. Software—Applications that execute on the device and libraries that contain reusable source files.
  5. Device slots—Controllers, modules, and empty slots.
  6. Match status—Type of device match between the live device and the device added to the Design view.

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