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Troubleshooting Broken Wires

Last Modified: September 20, 2019

A broken wire indicates that dataflow cannot run across the wire. You cannot run code that contains broken wires. Resolve each wire to make dataflow valid and run the code.

Broken wires look like the following image.

Make sure your code meets the following requirements to resolve each wire:

  • Each wire has a single data source.
  • There are no unwired or overlapping tunnels when wiring through structures.
  • All wires are connected to a node.
  • Every data source is wired to at least one output. For example, you cannot wire two indicators together.
  • The output and input of the same node are not wired together.
  • Wire compatible data types together. For example, you cannot wire a Boolean output to a string input.
  • Triple-click the wire to select the entire wire. You might see hidden wire segments that help you identify one of the causes listed above.
  • Use the error list to find broken wires and an explanation.
  • If you still cannot identify the cause of the broken wire, click Remove Broken Wires on the Document toolbar.

    Remove Broken Wires deletes all broken wires, even those you might not see.

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