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Compiling FPGA Code

Last Modified: August 13, 2018

To run code on an FPGA, you must compile the FPGA code into a bitfile that you then deploy to the FPGA. The bitfile contains binary data that describes how to configure the FPGA circuit so that it performs the same function as the code in the FPGA VI.

Complete the following tasks to compile your FPGA code into a bitfile:

  1. Set up the environment—Set up a compile server and worker, if necessary, and connect to the compile server.
  2. Build a bitfileConvert your FPGA code into a bitfile which can then be deployed to the FPGA.
  3. Monitor the compilation of a bitfile—Monitor the process of the compilation to determine whether you need to make changes to your code. You also can cancel a compilation if severe errors occur.
  4. Optional: Resolve timing violations on the FPGA—Resolve timing violations that occur during compilation.

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