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Registering a Real-Time System

Last Modified: April 14, 2016

You must register a real-time system before you can use it to run code.

  1. Open the Home screen and switch to the Hardware tab.
  2. Select Network Systems to display real-time systems that you can reserve for use in projects on the PC. The system and the PC must be connected to the same local network.
  3. In the Unregistered Systems category, click the icon of the real-time system you want to register, and then click Register.

    If your real-time system doesn't appear in Unregistered Systems, click the Register by IP or Hostname + symbol.

  4. Add or verify the Hostname or IP Address, User name, and Password. By default, the real-time system has the user name root and a blank password.

    If the Hostname or IP Address field is blank, you can find the IP address using either of the following methods:

    • Connect a monitor to the real-time controller and watch the system boot. The IP address appears in the console display at the end of the system boot.
    • Connect a monitor and keyboard to the real-time controller, enter your login credentials into the console display, and then enter ifconfig. The IP address displays with other network configuration information.
  5. Click Register.

You can now use the real-time system to develop and run code.

  • To use in a new project—Click the registered system in the Hardware tab and select Create New Project. The system appears on the diagram in SystemDesigner automatically.
  • To use in an existing project—Click the registered system in the Hardware tab and select Show in System. Drag the registered system from the Discovered Hardware palette category and place it on the diagram in SystemDesigner.

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