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Deploying and Running a VI on a Real-Time Controller

Last Modified: April 18, 2016

Running a VI on a real-time controller in SystemDesigner deploys the code to the physical real-time controller and begins execution of that code.

To complete this task, you need a registered real-time system that appears in the Hardware tab of the Home screen and on the diagram in SystemDesigner.

  1. From the Project Files tab, drag the VI you want to run on the physical real-time controller to the Software section of the controller in SystemDesigner.
  2. Open the VI from the controller.

    Opening the VI from the controller ensures you open a copy of the VI targeted to run on the controller. When you open a VI from the Project Files tab, the target of that VI can vary depending on whether it is targeted to run on multiple devices. You can use the target selector, shown in the following image, to verify the target an open VI runs on or to switch between instances of the VI on different targets.

  3. Run the VI.

    When you click the Run button, the VI and its subVIs deploy to the memory of the real-time controller and begin executing.


    Because the code deploys to the memory of the controller, it does not persist in memory if the controller reboots. You have to redeploy the VI if you reboot the controller.

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