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Converts the characters at the beginning of a string to a numeric value, using format specifiers to determine the representation and precision of the resulting number. This node also returns the remainder of the input string that follows the converted value.



The string you want to scan for a numeric value.


format string

A string that uses format specifiers to determine how to convert the input text into a numeric value.



A numeric value whose representation determines the representation of value.

Default: A double-precision, floating-point value of 0


output string

The characters in string that follow format string. If there is no match for format string, this node returns string in its entirety.



A portion of string converted into a numeric value according to the format specifiers in format string. If this node fails to locate a match for format string, it returns the value of default.

If the input string represents a number outside the range of the representation of this output, this output returns the maximum or minimum value for the representation. For example, if the input string is 300, and the representation of this output is an 8-bit signed integer, this output returns 127.