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Converts an array of any dimension to a delimited string that mimics a spreadsheet layout, including rows, columns, and pages.


format string

A string that includes a single format specifier to determine how to convert each element of an array into text.

Each format specifier uses the following general syntax:

% modifiers specifier

This node allows only the following specifiers: s, d, and f. Use %s to convert an array of strings to spreadsheet string. Use %d or %f to convert an array of numbers to spreadsheet string.

Modifiers for Numeric Specifiers (x, o, b, d, u, f, e, g, p)

Modifiers for the String Specifier (s)

Syntax for Literal Text Outside the Format Specifier



The values to convert to text.



A character or string of characters used to separate fields in the spreadsheet text. For example, a value of , (comma) specifies a single comma as the delimiter.

Default: \t — single tab character


spreadsheet string

A string containing the data from array that mimics the table layout of a spreadsheet.

This string separates column elements with a specified delimiter, separates rows with a platform-dependent EOL character, and separates higher dimensions with a special header syntax of the form [highest dimension index, next highest dimension index, ... , 0, 0], where the final 0's refer to the first row and column elements of the page.