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A build specification, or build spec, organizes all code and performance requirements for an application you configure to run on an FPGA target. When you compile a build spec, LabVIEW generates a file that you deploy to program the FPGA, called a bitfile.

Complete the following steps to begin compiling a build spec.

  1. In SystemDesigner, double-click Build Specs on Home page of the FPGA target. LabVIEW automatically generates a build spec for each top-level FPGA VI you create in SystemDesigner.
  2. Right-click the build spec you want to compile and click Compile. The build spec begins compiling immediately. The Compile Queue pane opens to show current and completed compilations.

    The build spec must specify a top-level VI, and the code referenced by the top-level VI must be free of errors before you can begin compiling a build spec.

Monitor the compilation of your build spec to determine if you need to make changes to your code.