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Before beginning this task, locate the file with the .lvproject extension in the Files pane. This is the project file.

When you create a file, LabVIEW automatically adds the file to the project. Occasionally, you might want use a file you created for one project in another project. You must add the existing file to the project in which you want to use it.
  1. Optional: Move or copy the file from its original location into the project folder. You can locate the project folder by right-clicking the project file in the Files pane and selecting Locate Item in Windows Explorer. Storing all the files that comprise a project inside the project folder makes it easier to create a zip file of the project and share it.
  2. In the Files pane, right-click the project, select Add File, and navigate to the file you want to add to the project. If the file you added displays a shortcut arrow on its icon, it resides in a location outside of the project folder.

To use the file on a specific target, drag the file to the appropriate category on the target in SystemDesigner. For example, if you added a VI you want to use on a PC, drag it to the Source Code category on the PC target.