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As you create code, the Run button communicates whether the code contains any errors that prevent it from running. If the code does contain an error, the Run button appears broken: .

To help fix these problems, LabVIEW provides error and warning messages. Errors break the code. You must resolve any errors before you can run the program. Warnings do not prevent you from running the code. They are designed to help you avoid potential problems in the program.

To identify the specific errors, click the broken Run button. This displays the Errors & Warnings pane. The following image highlights sections of the Errors & Warnings pane that define detected errors and warnings.

Severity—Denotes whether an issue is an error or a warning.
Source—Identifies the object that is causing the error or warning.
Message—Provides more detail about why the error or warning exists.

You can open the Errors & Warnings pane at any time while editing code to see warnings or other messages that do not cause a broken Run button.