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Enabling Pin and Site Awareness

    Last Modified: April 16, 2021

    Enable pin- and site awareness to see channels grouped by site and identified by pin name in your InstrumentStudio panel. Pin maps map physical modules, channels, and ports to sites and pins connected to a DUT. Using pin- and site-aware views in InstrumentStudio preserves mappings created in TestStand Semiconductor Module (TSM) pin maps.

    When you launch InstrumentStudio within TSM, InstrumentStudio automatically enables pin- and site-aware view using the pin map configured in TSM. To manually enable this view within InstrumentStudio, complete the following steps:
    1. Go to File»Preferences and Pin and site mapping section.
    2. Select the Enable pin- and site-aware view checkbox.
    3. Open the Pin map file dialog box to select a pin map file.
    After enabling pin- and site-aware view in InstrumentStudio, devices in your panel appear as pins grouped by sites, system pins, and unmapped channels. Use the site filter in the document toolbar to only display pins from a selected site.
    • You must select All sites in the site filter to view unmapped channels. Site filtering does not apply to RF signal generators because each device channel can be mapped to multiple pins on multiple sites. You must select sites and pins in the RF signal generator panel settings ( ).
    • Creating a panel using auto-layout mode will add devices in the pin map. Devices not included in the pin map can still be added to your panel.

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