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Live Measurement View

Last Modified: October 21, 2021

The following topic contains information about monitoring live device data in InstrumentStudio.

When monitoring a device in debug mode, certain devices will instantly display measurements of channel data, even if external applications are not fetching device data. InstrumentStudio currently supports live data monitoring for the following devices:

  • PXIe-4135
  • PXIe-4136
  • PXIe-4137
  • PXIe-4138
  • PXIe-4139
  • PXIe-4140
  • PXIe-4141
  • PXIe-4142
  • PXIe-4143
  • PXIe-4144
  • PXIe-4145
  • PXIe-4147

For devices not listed here, test code must call measure or fetch for measurements to be updated when in monitor mode.

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