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Interpolation Method

Last Modified: October 21, 2021

You can set the interpolation method of an oscilloscope acquisition to one of the following settings from the Instrument Settings window:
  • No interpolation—The oscilloscope does not interpolate data.
  • Auto—The oscilloscope interpolates data when the visible time per division is too small for acquisitions performed at the maximum sample rate. If you set the sample rate of the oscilloscope to Manual, the oscilloscope treats the sample rate you enter as the maximum sample rate. The Auto interpolation method takes headroom into account when determining whether or not to perform interpolation; if there is low headroom between the oscilloscope's bandwidth and its sample rate, the oscilloscope does not interpolate the data.
  • On—The oscilloscope interpolates data as often as possible without taking headroom into account. If you set the interpolation method to On, the oscilloscope will interpolate data in all cases except for the following:
    • The oscilloscope's sampling method is set to Random Interleaved Sampling (RIS).
    • The acquisition uses the peak detect sample mode.
    • The waveform has enough data and does not need interpolation.

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