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InstrumentStudio Plugins

    Last Modified: April 16, 2021

    You can use InstrumentStudio to host plugins written in LabVIEW or C#. These plugins run alongside the InstrumentStudio panels used to configure PXI instruments. Plugins have a runtime configuration and an edit-time configuration. When exporting a plugin configuration to TestStand and using it in a step, the runtime configuration is provided to the sequence as a variable. Both of these configurations persist when the project containing them is saved.

    Support for Plugins

    To help you work with plugins, NI provides a LabVIEW template and C# documentation describing the method for creating plugins to be hosted in InstrumentStudio. The following limitations apply:

    • Hosting a plugin created in C# requires Visual Studio 2015 or newer and .NET Framework 4.6.2.
    • Plugins cannot be created from the File»New menu.
    • You cannot use MeasurementStudio controls when hosting plugins created in C#.
    • When InstrumentStudio is hosting a plugin, you are limited to the following interactions:
      • Saving and loading
      • Resizing the window
      • Pulling out tabs
      • Exporting the session to TestStand
      • Stopping all outputs with LabVIEW plugins

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