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Entering Debug Mode

Last Modified: October 21, 2021

You can enter debug mode from the Home screen by selecting Debug. Using this method, InstrumentStudio searches for open device driver sessions and then creates a layout based on the devices it discovers. The devices in the newly created layout automatically enter debug mode.

You can also enter debug mode while an InstrumentStudio project is already open. A device in use by an external session automatically enters debug mode if debugging is enabled and the device is placed in a layout or is already part of an active layout. For example, if you are running an oscilloscope from InstrumentStudio and you run a LabVIEW application that acquires measurements from that oscilloscope, the InstrumentStudio panel containing the oscilloscope enters debug mode until the device's external session (in this case, the LabVIEW application) closes.

Devices currently in use by an external application display the external session icon ( ) in the Edit Layout window.


Debugging is enabled by default. If a device fails to enter debug mode, confirm that debugging is enabled by opening the Configure Debug Session window from the instrument header menu and checking the Debug Enabled box for the device you want to debug. If you change settings in the Configure Debug Session window while an external session is already open, you must restart the external session before changes will take effect.

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