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De-embedding RFSG Devices

    Last Modified: April 16, 2021

    De-embedding refers to the process of removing the effects of test fixture cabling and components. Applying de-embedding to an RF signal ensures more accurate results when reading data from your RF signal generator device. Once applied, the de-embedded signal you see at the device port matches the requested signal settings.


    To access de-embedding properties, open the RF signal generator Instrument Settings dialog box ( ), click the RF tab, and scroll down to De-embedding. The following are options you can configure to apply de-embedding your RF signal generator device:

    • Type—Specifies the type of de-embedding you want to use.
      • None—De-embedding is disabled.
      • Scalar—De-embeds the signal using the gain term.
      • Vector—De-embeds the signal using the gain term and reflection term.
    • Status—Displays whether an S2P table is loaded into the device session.
    • Load table from S2P file—Loads an S2P file into the device session to use for de-embedding.
      • S2P tables are used to incorporate S-parameters into signal de-embedding. S-parameters characterize the effects of a linear network on a signal when it passes from one port to another. Refer to the installed NI-RFSG driver documentation for more information.
      • You must configure de-embedding for each port when using multi-port modules.

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