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NI-DCPower Independent Channel Sessions

Last Modified: October 21, 2021

InstrumentStudio creates a single multi-channel session for all devices in a single SMU device by default in version 2020 and later.

Considerations when configuring sessions with SMU devices

Using independent channels allows you to configure multiple channels of the same instrument, or multiple instruments, within the same session independently of one another. InstrumentStudio exports a single session configuration for all channels by default. In certain cases, you must change your session type to Single channel (compatibility) mode.


To manually select the session type you want to use, open the instrument header menu (

) of the device in your panel, and click Session Type.

You should select Session Type»Single channel (compatibility) when:

  • Exporting a session to platforms which do not support NI-DCPower independent channel sessions. These include Python, LabWindows/CVI, LabVIEW NXG, and Linux desktop.
  • Exporting a session to NI-DCPower version 20.5 and earlier.
  • Exporting the session to end-user code which uses deprecated NI-DCPower Initialize Functions in C/LabVIEW or deprecated constructors in .NET.
  • spd-note-note

    Exports from sessions created in InstrumentStudio with independent channels cannot be imported into sessions created with single channels. To verify your session channel configuration, go to the instrument header menu ( ) and click Session Type.

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