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Arbitrary Waveform Properties

    Last Modified: April 16, 2021

    Waveform properties are settings and values associated with waveforms generated in Arbitrary Waveform mode.

    When changing a waveform, waveform property values update to reflect the settings for that waveform. When downloading a waveform from file, the property values are automatically populated with the values found in the file. Any changes made to the waveform properties only affect the selected waveform.

    Debugging Test Programs

    Waveform properties were introduced in the NI-RFSG 20.7 driver. Prior to that release, only a subset of these properties was available, and they applied globally to all waveforms. When debugging a test program that still utilizes these global properties, the global values will be shown for the selected waveform. Any subsequent edits in InstrumentStudio will only apply to the selected waveform.

    The following table shows legacy property names that map to new RFSG property names:
    Global Property Name RFSG Arbitrary Waveform Property Name
    IQ Rate IQ Rate
    Peak Power Adjustment PAPR
    Pre-filter Gain Run time Scaling
    Signal Bandwidth Signal Bandwidth

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