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Measuring Spectral Density

Last Modified: April 16, 2021

A power spectral density is the measure of a signal's power content versus frequency. You can view the power spectral density of a signal while analysing data in the frequency domain; this is helpful for determining which frequency ranges have strong or weak variations in power.

Complete the following steps to measure spectral density in InstrumentStudio:
  1. Add an oscilloscope to the large panel.
  2. Create an FFT channel by selecting the FFT button in the Add Channels section of the large panel. A frequency chart opens underneath the large panel time chart.
  3. Configure the FFT Axis settings:
    1. In the header of the frequency chart, select the Chart Options button.
    2. In the Y-axis section, change Units to V/√(Hz) or dBm/Hz.
    3. In the X-axis section, set Scaling to Logarithmic.
  4. Run the panel if it is not already running. InstrumentStudio plots power spectral density data on the Frequency chart.
For better frequency resolution, you can configure averaging through the FFT channel settings, or you can modify the RBW through the axis settings in Chart Options.

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