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Hosting Applications in InstrumentStudio

Last Modified: May 19, 2020

You can use InstrumentStudio to host applications written in LabVIEW or C#. These applications run alongside the InstrumentStudio panels used to configure PXI instruments. Hosted applications have a runtime configuration and an edit-time configuration. Both of these configurations persist when the project containing them is saved.

Support for Hosted Applications

Support for hosted applications is experimental in InstrumentStudio 2019. To help you work with hosted applications, National Instruments provides a LabVIEW template and C# documentation describing the method for creating an application to be hosted in InstrumentStudio. The following limitations apply to hosted applications:

  • You must opt-in to the hosted application feature before you can use host an application:
    1. Navigate to File» Preferences .
    2. Navigate to the Hosted applications tab of the Preferences window, then check the Enable hosted applications box.
    3. (Optional) To enable hosted applications created in LabVIEW, check the Enable LabVIEW hosted applications box.
  • Hosting an application created in C# requires Visual Studio 2015 or newer and .NET Framework 4.6.2.
  • Hosted applications cannot be created from the File» New menu.
  • You cannot use MeasurementStudio controls when hosting applications created in C#.
  • When InstrumentStudio is hosting an application, you are limited to the following interactions:
    • Saving and loading
    • Resizing the window
    • Pulling out tabs
    • Exporting the session to TestStand
    • Stopping all outputs

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