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Configuring SourceAdapt Parameters to Measure Transients

Last Modified: September 3, 2019

You can use SourceAdapt technology to customize the source measure unit (SMU) response to any load. For more information on National Instruments' SourceAdapt technology, refer to NI SourceAdapt Next-Generation SMU Technology on

NI SourceAdapt technology is available only on the following SMUs: PXIe-4135, PXIe-4137, and PXIe-4139.

Selecting a SourceAdapt Preset

  1. Place a SourceAdapt-compatible SMU in the large panel.
  2. Place the SMU panel into Waveform mode.
  3. Open the Channel Settings window.
  4. Scroll down to the SourceAdapt tuning parameters section of the Channel Settings window.
  5. Select a SourceAdapt preset from the list:
    • Slow—Slows the control loop for a more stable response.
    • Normal—The default SourceAdapt preset, a balance between speed and stability.
    • Fast—Speeds up the control loop for a faster response.
  6. (Optional) Make custom adjustments to the response using the fields in the SourceAdapt tuning parameters section.

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