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Oscilloscope Setup Actions

Last Modified: September 3, 2019

You can configure the setup of an oscilloscope using two options: Auto setup and Default setup.

  • Default setup—Returns the device to the default configuration.
  • Auto setup—Enables all channels and automatically configures device settings.

Settings Changed by Auto Setup

Setting an oscilloscope to Auto setup changes the following settings:

General Settings Value
Acquisition Mode Normal
Reference Clock Internal
Vertical Settings Value
Vertical Coupling Unchanged by Auto Setup.
Vertical Bandwidth Full
Vertical Range Changed by Auto Setup.[1]
Vertical Offset 0 V
Probe Attenuation Unchanged by Auto Setup.
Input Impedance Unchanged by Auto Setup.
Horizontal Settings Value
Sample Rate Changed by Auto Setup.[1]
Min Record Length Changed by Auto Setup.[1]
Enforce Realtime True
Number of Records 1
Triggering Settings Value
Trigger Type Edge if signal present, otherwise immediate.
Trigger Channel Lowest numbered channel with a signal present.
Trigger Slope Positive
Trigger Coupling DC
Reference Position 50%
Trigger Level 50% of signal on trigger channel.
Trigger Delay 0
Trigger Holdoff 0
Trigger Output None
  • 1 Auto Setup adjusts this setting to different values depending on the signal.

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