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Enabling Debugging with a C, C++, or .NET Application

Last Modified: September 3, 2019

Complete the following steps to debug a C, C++, or .NET application using InstrumentStudio.

Supporting communication with a device in C, C++, or .NET environments at breakpoints requires additional overhead that may affect performance.

  1. Select Configure debug settings from the instrument header menu.
  2. Select the Using Breakpoints in C/C++/.NET Applications checkbox next to the device you want to debug. Click OK. InstrumentStudio enables breakpoints in C, C++, and .NET external applications.
  3. Debug the application and/or device.
  4. When you finish debugging, deselect the Using Breakpoints in C/C++/.NET Applications checkbox in the Configure Device Settings window and restart the external application to apply the changes.

Refer to Monitoring and Controlling Devices in External Sessions for more information on using debug mode.

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