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Generating Waveforms with a Waveform Generator

Last Modified: January 3, 2019

Use a waveform generator to monitor and configure waveforms in InstrumentStudio.

  1. Add a waveform generator device to the large panel.
  2. Select a waveform mode from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the large panel.
    • Standard waveform—Generates a waveform using the channel settings you specify.
    • Arbitrary waveform—Generates a waveform using settings specified in a waveform file and any additional channel settings you specify.
  3. Specify the type of waveform to generate.
    • If you are generating a standard waveform, select the waveform type using the Waveform drop-down menu.

      If you select a User-defined waveform, you must load a waveform file. User-defined waveform files must be in CSV format.

    • If you are generating an arbitrary waveform, load a waveform file using the Filename field. The waveform file specifies the type of waveform to generate.

      Arbitrary waveform files must be in CSV format.

  4. Configure waveform channel settings using either the controls on the large panel or the large panel's Channel Settings window. Customizable settings change depending on the waveform mode and type you select.

    If you are generating an arbitrary waveform, you must select a triggering mode for the waveform using the Mode setting. For more information on arbitrary waveform trigger modes, refer to Advanced Waveform Sequencing and Triggering on Arbitrary Waveform Generators at

  5. Select Run. The waveform generates with the settings you specified.

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